Sleek Pout Paints

With summer approaching, Sleek Pout Paints are the perfect remedy for adding color to your face. Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your Pout Paint.

  1. As they’re called Pout Paint we may as well start with the lips! A little of this product goes and extremely long way, so it’s best to start by putting a tiny dot of your color on the back of your hand and patting it until you get the coverage that you like, this is applicable to most creams. This way you won’t end up with too much on your lips and in a total panic end up wiping it off and staining your face! It always help the lasting power if you powder your lips first. Pat on a thin layer using your finger for a stained effect or slightly thicker (safer with a brush) for a lipstick affect.
  2.  If you have the blue or white Pout Paint and aren’t in the mood to try something crazy, then these colors are great money savers. You can mix a bit of the blue in with a lipstick you already have to make it deeper or more purple, this way you have a few options. The white is great for brightening up any winter colors you may have sitting around not being used or making a pastel lip or cheek color. Again, using the back of your hand scrap some lipstick off the bullet using your brush then add the smallest amount of blue or white and apply. This is obviously also applicable to any other colors you may have.
  3. The Sleek Pout Paints make for awesome blushers as well, its all in the application. So for a sunkissed look either using a fluffy blusher or powder brush or your index and middle finger (blending with your thumb) Apply some of the paint onto the back of your hand again and then pat onto the center of your cheek just below your eye and blend outwards. For a more contoured blush look apply the paint starting from the outside lightly working your way into the center of your cheek. Once again remember a little goes along way, these badboys will last a lifetime!
  4. These Pout Paints make awesome cream eyeshadows as well. The best way to work them is using a fluffly blending brush instead of a flat eyeshadow brush, which will pick up too much paint. Make sure you apply very little concealer to your eyelid first and then some powder. Then start in the middle of the eye and work your way out no higher than your socket bone. Of course if you are more comfortable doing it with your fingers use a ‘pat and flick’ motion, pat on with your ring finger and flick upwards so that the strongest part of color is in the center of your eyelid.
  5. You can always turn any powders you have eg. blusher or eyeshadow into a new color by adding some of your Pout Paint to it. Scrape it off onto a little plate and then mix in some of your paint. Play around with the colors and see what you can come up with, then wear it on your eyes, lips or cheeks!
  6. It’s still that time of year when all the festivals are happening! So your Pout Paint can be your best friend if you have the brighter colors use them as facepaint and gently powder over the top so it holds better or if you have the neutral colors you can use them as an all-rounder and wear it on your lips and cheeks.


Get to creating and make the most of your Sleek Pout Paints!

Stephanie G-M x

Latest shoot for @Grazia_Live shooting the Awesomeness that is Gem with @HannahAlmassi, shot by @PhillTaylormade. Wearing Nars eyeshadow in Sophia, Nars Multiple in Orgasm and Nars Lipstick in Red Lizard. So hot!!

Brush my Face

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while because I get asked about brushes all the time and there are a few that are a necessity and most others are excess unless you’re a makeup artist. It doesn’t mean it’s not right to use your hands, there are definitely good techiniques in using your fingers! 

Here is a list of the brushes I couldn’t work without…

Starting with the FACE -

COZZETTE concealer brush P345 is an extremely soft brush with great denseness which is fantastic for coverage and feels great under the eyes

REVLON foundation brush is a great compact brush which fits in your makeup bag and can be used to blend concealer over a larger area or applying a thicker layer of foundation all over the face

MAC duo fibre face brush 188 probably the one i use the most for blending a thin layer of foundation, cream blusher, toning down lines or erasing 

COZZETTE cylinder setting brush S150 perfect for a fine application of powder around the Tzone or eyes again as all the Cozzette brushes they are super soft so feel great on the skin

REVLON powder brush which can be used as spread of bronzer or a matte finish of powder all over the face

MAC large angled contour brush 163 does exactly what it says on the tin the one and only contour brush but is also perfect for blusher cream or powder


MAC blending brush 217 is crucial for blurring lines whether it be for a smokey eye or just a natural contour and slight shading or even blending concealer in a circular motion

BM Cosmetics blending brush 123 is great for adding a bit of a stronger definition to the blending work of the MAC 217 brush

MAC pencil brush 219 a fantastic tool for defining around your eyelash line   and even blending finer lines or concealing spots 

BM Cosmetics angled liner brush 117 is how you get a great liner or even use to fill in your eyebrows. It’s thin but full 

As for EYEBROWS great little tip is to use an old mascara wand to brush the hairs and hairspray to stick them

So there you have it, obviously everyone is used to something different but I’m sure you can make use of some of these staples.. Just for those that don’t know the BM Cosmetics can be bought online at and the Cozzette brushes can be purchased at and of course MAC online at

I had the pleasure of assisting the fantastic Gucci Westman on a few shows across New York and London. Here are the outcomes, some of the girls I worked on.. all courtesy of

So the latest baby created for the beauty collection is this amazing shoot created by Phill Taylor (photographer), Hannah Almassi (stylist), Cathy Ennis (Hair) and myself and Caroline Debruhl (IMG models)

It was shot at the most beautiful Renaissance Hotel at St Pancreas.

I created 3 looks that were inspired by the 70’s and given a modern twist. The first one was a purple eye with with natural lashes and a few purples blended together darker in the socket, lighter on the lid and a blend all around taken quite high up but on the eyebrow making sure its evenly distributed top and bottom.

The second look is a blended graphic eye inspired by Sophia Loren

The third look is a strongly lined eye with gold base and gold leaf and much stronger lashes.

All the while keeping Carolines beautiful brows brushed up and using the shape. Hope you guys like xx

A couple weeks ago @PhillTaylorMade and I shot the gorgeous Yana at M and P models…This was the outcome! 

A couple looks here:

One was a berry stained lip using @Topshop makeup in Beguiled and a contoured cheek using Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate

Second look was a strong eye using greens, purples and black with a gloss over the top

Another one from Juke Magazine At the beginning of the year Alex De Mora, Madeleine Ostlie and I worked with the wonderous Chairlift here is a little interview by Lucy Stehlik on the band.

Make-up and Hair by little ol’ moi!

Steph x

As most, if not all of you know, London Fashion Week has just come and gone! I worked on a couple awesome shows with very talented Key Makeup Artists including Gucci Westman for the London SS13 Rag and Bone Presentation and the awesome Hannah Murray for Topshop Unique SS13 (picture above Kate who’s makeup I did at Topshop Unique)

So thought I’d give you a taster of whats to come next spring. The skin is all about fresh…fresher than ever before. Super minimal foundation. For the makeup with Hannah Murray she used the beautifully bright Topshop blushers on the lids of the eyes and mix of the grey crayon and black kohl on the bottom lash line, don’t be shy with it and try to create a straight line so it’s as thick all along the waterline.

Give it a try x